RED carpet


Walk on the Red Carpet of the Art

About the Red Carpet

An art project by NEA
A new way to see and use public spaces

A red carpet 10 meters long can re-encode the meaning and the usage of urban spaces.

Discover a new way to see and use the spaces, walking on the red carpet.

The red carpet is a tool, is a way to give importance and change the meaning of some urban spaces.

There are places in the cities that are anonymous, abandoned, converted, or simply left emptied of the sense for which they were built.
Red Carpet Project's goal is to live in a new and different way such spaces. In this way the city will appear different. Walk along the red carpet to find out!

Red Carpet is a art project by NEA.

  • Experience the Red Carpet :
  • Find the Red Carpet

    Discover on this website the next appointment

  • Walk along 10 meters

    just watch down the red

  • Look up

    you will discover a different world!

Which city will be touched by the Red Carpet next?


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